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Would you say you are more of a head-based leader, or heart-based leader? Or do you think you may have the balance just right?

You do not need a formal leadership role to complete this survey. We are all leaders - whether in our families, our communities or our workplaces. 

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There are no right or wrong answers – this survey is simply designed to heighten your awareness of the way you lead and allow you to compare your leadership approach, and your balance of leading with your head and heart, to others.

The Book

Leadership is simply a series of moments and every moment gives you the opportunity to leave a positive legacy for those you lead.

In this ground-breaking book, award-winning leadership expert and business leader Dr Kirstin Ferguson has written a much needed practical guide for every modern leader. Whether you are the head of one of the largest companies in the world, supervising a small team or guiding your family, it will be your ability to integrate your head and heart that will influence your success in leading others and navigating our complex world.

Combining studies from leading thinkers in the field with her own new research and more than three decades of personal experience, Kirstin explains the eight key attributes of a head and heart leader, and provides the tools to measure your own approach. Along the way, she shares her conversations with modern leaders from a broad range of backgrounds whose stories will surprise you, challenge your thinking and inspire you to be the type of leader the world needs today.

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Kirstin Ferguson is an award-winning leadership expert, author, columnist and company director.
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